Traveler Golf Association Rules


  • Please pre-register no later than the Wednesday evening  prior to the tournament.
  • If you pre-register and do not show, you will be charged the course fee. This must be paid prior to playing your next tournament. Extenuating circumstances will be considered by the Tournament Directors.

  • Arrive at the course one hour prior to tee time.

  •  Please sign-in no less than 30 minutes prior to our scheduled tee time.

 Uniform (members)

  • Black trousers or shorts.
  • White TGA polo shirt.
  • White TGA cap


Each team will maintain two score cards for every event.

For threesomes, the players will alternate taking the extra shot on each shot.

The ball may be moved no more than one club length. It cannot be moved from rough to fairway, closer to the hole, or out of a hazard.

USGA rules and local course rules apply.

Visiting A players will play as an A.

Seniors will play from senior tees only when available. Senior age is 65.

Teams that submit an inaccurate scorecard will be disqualified.